India Tamils Association, Stavanger, Norway
Announsement : We are happy to have launched ithal website.

About Us

Welcome to Ithal, a tamil cultural association for all Indian Tamils live in Rogaland county. What initially began as a small gathering of friends, today Ithal boasts over --- families participating in various activities throughout the year.

The primary mission of Ithal is to:

*** To be a liaison between the County of Rogaland and Tamils. This means that the association should contact the Tamils with questions that are necessary to take up with the county.

*** Providing information on the Tamil life in general and about the association's activities. This should be done in the information meetings with the County Council, through the type and the active use of the press, information work must also address the cultural environments.

***To promote our culture to international environment. This work will be done in collaboration with other language groups who have similar goals as ITHAL.

*** Working for the Tamil interests in such a way as to make themselves felt in all areas. This means in particular economic, social, religious and cultural interests"

*** Provide a unified forum for Tamils in this area: Ithal aims to provide a platform to facilitate interaction among the Rogaland tamilians.

*** Celebrate Tamil festivals: To celebrate festivals such as Pongal and Deepavali every year

*** Make Tamil youth aware of our heritage: To educate and encourage Tamil youth to learn, appreciate, and abide by the Tamil culture